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May, a Perfect Month to enjoy Chianti & Wine

Classic wine events to enjoy during the spectacular month of May

Tradition is strong in Tuscany, and it said to be deeply rooted in the territory. Nothing could be more representative of this fact then the century-long relationship the locals have with their vineyards: Tuscany and wine are about as classic as it gets.

Though the vineyards and the ”cantinas” (wine cellars) are active all year long, the month of May takes on special importance as one begins to see the very first signs of green pushing forth. Though the month of May is filled with fun events, some of the more famous events take place this month celebrating the flavors, colors, tannins and so much more surrounding the wine production in both Chianti and all over Tuscany (actually all over Italy!)

This Tuscan tradition will be celebrated through various events, conferences, culinary workshops, and tastings, all aimed to entertain and divulge information about the centuries-long agricultural activities of Tuscany; a magnificent testament to leave future generations. Let's take a look at these some of the dates in May which deal with the nectar of the Gods in Tuscany.

Montespertoli | MOSTRA DEL CHIANTI | May 28 - June 5, 2022

It is now over 60 years that they have been showcasing the beauty of the region, with a special accent on the wine production of the area. The Chianti Exhibit in Montespertoli will not take place in May because of the pandemic and instead between May 28 through June 5, 2022. The beauty of the event is that it will be celebrating more than just wine from this antique town, but it reaches out to the entire territory which has been producing wine since ancient times.

The event will take place over 2 weekends over 9 days this year to allow more people to participate in safety between Piazza Machiavelli and Piazza del Popolo.

This festival is considered by locals an important aspect of their cultural and folkloric background citing its long run, encompassing different aspects of the surroundings. Many events have been planned to keep both children and grown-ups entertained with live street performances, concerts, and theater shows, but the one that probably generally stands out among all is the historical parade by the ‘900 Group. This is a faithful re-enactment of daily scenes of the early 1900's, that accurately represent the social and historical backdrop of a society mostly devoted to agricultural activities, its habits, and customs, once again faithfully reproduced, as well as the means of transport of the period - ancient bikes and oxcarts.

Some events are limited in number (wine tastings in the evenings), so check out the program and book ahead so that you won't arrive and then be disappointed.

The events generally include a vintage car, motorcycle and farm tractors rally. This festival is planned to both entertain locals and visitors, with music, theater presentations, conferences, wine & food tasting and local fun.

For the full program, visit the official website

Tuscany | CANTINE APERTE |  May 28-29, 2022

While the Mostra del Chianti takes place in a limited area of Tuscany in the town of Montespertoli, Cantine Aperte - Open Cellars - takes place across Italy, offering the choice to go wine tasting in North Italy and taste its fine white wines all the way down south to sunny Sicily and its blood red wines.

"Open Cellars" has become a philosophy, a way to travel and discover Italian wine territories, which has seen an increasing number of tourists, wine wanderers and wine lovers visiting wineries from year to year hoping for a unique experience. In addition to the chance to taste wines and to buy them right at the wineries, the secrets of vinification and ageing can be discovered right in the cellar.

Though this is a quite “recent” event, Cantine Aperte has gained international claim! Its guided tours of wineries and tastings help visitors discover and taste one of the most excellent products across Chianti and Tuscany. The weekend event draws thousands of visitors, attracted by the magic that surrounds wine cellars, the mysterious places where wine is conserved for a long time, as well as by the beautiful setting of the vineyards.

Many top quality Tuscan and Italian wine cellars will be opening their doors to visitors and experts during the last weekend of May (it is always held the last weekend in May, if you want to plan for future years) unveiling not just the great flavors of all kinds of wines but also some of the secrets of their production. This year, 2022, the event is back at the end of May, on May 28-29, 2022!

For more details, check out the site for Wine Cellars open in Tuscany.

We end with...  cheers! :-)

LATEST UPDATE: May 5, 2022

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