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Le Pianore: Vineyard Views & Tuscan Hospitality

Home Cooked Meals & Country Decors

The unassuming property of Agriturismo Le Pianore will pleasantly surprise you with its expansive views, simple, yet elegant decor and the charming duo that meet and greet: Roberto & Monica, the owners.

Roberto, silent, pensive and (by his own definition) a bit timid and his wife Monica, who gives you the impression of an energy drink, filled with enthusiasm and good vibes.

The combination of calm and relax with a constant infusion of every ready energy reflects the environment that they have created with their 7 self catering apartment agriturismo on the hills of Montespertoli between Florence and Pisa. Set on a dominant hillside in the western edges of Chianti, Le Pianore features classical Tuscan charm in the restructured farmhouse and barn.  In addition, there are so many promising panoramic views for those looking to soak up endless rows of grapes and the silver green patchwork of the olive groves.

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Transforming the Past into Apartments

Set on three floors, the antique farmhouse has been restructured to accommodate 6 apartments ranging in availability for 2 to 5 persons. Three of the smaller apartments are located on the ground floor and they each have their own dedicated garden space. The three larger apartments are on the first floor with bedrooms spread out in the “mansarda” or the very top floor of the farmhouse, promising even more stunning views.

The largest called Cecco, named after the the family who once inhabited these very rooms, boasts a huge fireplace, just like the ones that would have warmed the Tuscan farmer on a cold winter’s night. I had the possibility to admire the coordinated decor, the immense "focolare" and the functional kitchen, before I was invited to the incredible morning (afternoon and evening) view...and it was decidedly…fabulous.

Donatella, the guest residing in the apartment this month, told me that the “crowning jewel” of her apartment was the fabulous and huge terrace just outside her double bedroom.

The style in the apartments is a country chic, mixing the natural architectural elements of a classical Tuscan farmhouse with modern comforts that one comes to expect while on holiday, namely a dishwasher, a laundry room and Wi-Fi hotspots. The soft pastel colors complement the rich terracotta floors, the dark wood beams and the natural light that floods the various rooms. Designed to accommodate couples and families, these apartments offer a spacious solution to your need for a home “away for home” in the heart of Tuscany.

A Review of Agriturismo Le Pianore

We loved: all the space dedicated to entertaining the guests. Sports, relax, home cooked meals and sometimes doing absolutely nothing

Ideal for: families with children looking for fun activities, but at the same time appreciate tranquility & relax.  And all this while being close to town

Creating Memories in Tuscany

As I strolled around the grounds I was struck by the numerous half hidden corners where guests could snuggle up on a chaise lounge and enjoy the silence, the shade and the views. When I asked Roberto what most of his guests found themselves doing while on vacation at Agriturismo Le Pianore, his first answer was “they finish reading a lot of books.” And I can see why, I am not sure if I would be getting up too soon from any one of these secluded corners...just keep a cool glass of … wine … water … lemonade nearby and every once and awhile look up to watch the grapes grow.

But if you aren’t into reading, there are lots of options. Roberto and Monica have created an area that will wear out even the most active of kids (big or small). Between the large pool, the ping pong table, the tennis court, the jungle gym and the Italian game of "bocce", there are lots of opportunities to use up all that pent up energy. Besides the programmed activities, the well maintained gardens that surround the villa provide lots of space for running around, playing games like hide and seek or tag.

Can’t Say No to a Home Cooked Meal

Agriturismo Le Pianore in a Glance:

Type: self catering holiday apartments
Location: San Pancrazio (5 min)
Distance: Florence (40 min) or San Gimignano (20 minutes)
Transport: a car is useful, however there is limited bus service
Apartments: 7 apartments
Sleeps: 42
Type of board: Pizza Party and Traditional Tuscan Dinner durante the week, reserve your spot at the table with Roberto

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Making a name for yourself in Chianti is not easy; competing with other vineyards, other vacation rentals and other Tuscans offering the same brand of warm Italian-styled hospitality. So Roberto and Monica created something even more enticing ... family dinner nights. Weather and time permitting, they organize two family-style Italian meals during the week, normally on Tuesday and Thursday, where the guests are invited to join them in the garden at the long table in the shade of the cypress and walnut trees.

”Favorite recipe?” Monica cracked a smile, “All of them! For example tonight is Panzarotti with prosciutto and stracchino, rice with mushrooms and our second pasta dish is a called 7 Peccati (which means the 7 sins). And then we have roast pork, potatoes and salad and tiramisu and I am sure nothing will be left over.”

Monica reassured me that their menu also includes alternatives for vegetarians, and glutton free options.  Meals are served outside, at a long table overlooking the pool, vineyards and olive groves however, when the weather isn’t working in their favor, they have a spacious common area where they can set up dinner or even events and parties upon request.

But be forewarned...they won’t give out the recipe for their famous 7 Peccati pasta and the menu changes all the time!

Wine & Olive Oil

You might not be able to get the recipe for their fantastic pasta dishes, but you can definitely taste their classical Chianti wines and the delicious Tuscan olive oil…produzione proprio. That means their very own production. I had the opportunity to watch as they began to prepare for the “vendemmia” which starts in the middle of September. Guests are invited to come and watch their progress as they harvest. The grapesat Le Pianore start their fermentation in large cement vats, a style that is coming back into vogue. It seems Roberto’s Nonno (Grandfather) built them in the wine cellar, he was a man way ahead of his time...and one who thought “in grande” with an eye to the future.

Roberto told me that the wine is just “average”...but I assure you that I have tasted the final product, and if this is average, that’s fine by me! Once a week they open up the “cantina” and invite their guests to come and learn how they produce their Chianti wines, vin santo and grappa. There is even a taste testing of the olive oil.

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The tranquil atmosphere, the absolute silence that surrounds the farm and the endless views of classical Chianti give Agriturismo Le Pianore something extra special. A vacation immersed in the essence of Tuscany including comfortable accommodations, good food and new friends makes this your number one choice for the holidays.

Author: Donna Scharnagl

It has been more than 25 years since I took my first steps in Italy and I still haven’t found a good reason to leave.  Between the food, the culture, the history, the art, the landscapes … did I mention the food? I have become a lifelong student. It didn't take long to learn that Italians all have stories that long to be told; stories that paint a picture of how hard work produces character, how life is made of ups and downs and how good it feels to laugh.


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