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LaRocca di Cispiano, Just outside of Castellina in Chianti

Vineyards & Accommodations

360 degrees Tuscany

From the enchanting scenery to the rustic yet elegant decor, from the wine cellar to the panoramic pool, La Rocca di Cispiano is 100% Tuscany.

Heading towards my meeting at La Rocca di Cispiano, I drove down the country road just a few km outside of the small town Castellinanin Chianti, one of the three pillars in the original League of Chianti. The owner and general manager Lorenzo & Vania, were already onsite taking care of their guests, the gardens and the vineyards. However I took my time, soaking in the overwhelming tranquility that permeated the landscape.

La Rocca di Cispiano: Accommodations & Vineyards in Chianti

Rows and rows of perfectly aligned vineyards, bordered by dark green shadows that make up the low lying forests characterizing the terrior of Chianti, and which make Rocca and the wine from this area so unforgettable.

I met up with the team at Rocca one late spring morning, when the sun was already beginning to promise a rise in temps, but mediated with a good dose of splendid blue skies and an abundance of fragrant blossoms. I must admit the pool with its stunning panoramic view was definitely tempting me to throw my towel over a recliner and lather on some suntan lotion.

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La Rocca di Cispiano: Accommodations & Vineyards in Chianti

The Green Beauty of Chianti

The main part of the guests had already dispersed for the day, after a leisurely breakfast made in their own kitchenette and consumed on the patio or garden that corresponds to one of the 6 independent and self catering holiday apartments.

Though there are always the guests who would prefer to go into town for a foaming cappuccino and a toasty warm brioche, sitting at the bar and listening to the banter of the locals as the sweep in drink their espresso before shopping at the local market or hurry off to work - but you have to concede that breakfast overlooking the "bellezza" that is Tuscany from the hills of La Rocca di Cispiano has quite a bit of appeal.

La Rocca di Cispiano: Accommodations & Vineyards in Chianti

During this morning reprise, and while the guests make the best use of the early morning sunshine, I was invited to tour the property, the pristine gardens, the shady alcoves with tables and chairs and of course, the vineyards that stretched out around the property of La Rocca di Cispiano like petals around the center of a sunflower. Vania introduced me to the local mascot, their new pup, and pointed out some of the changes they have recently accomplished in the gardens

I like to think that the outside nooks that we have carefully coaxed out of the stone walls and “loggia” have created a note of freshness about the gardens, offering everyone the same possibility to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of La Rocca

The interiors are in perfect harmony with the exteriors of the vacation rentals: simple, elegant with splashes of color in the form of tasteful accents, linens or upholstery. The changes that have been made over the last two years, though small — have rendered the property not just stunning with its scenic position but also comfortable with an air of simplicity.

La Rocca di Cispiano: Accommodations & Vineyards in Chianti

The objective of the owner was to create an atmosphere authentically Tuscan by using the natural beauty of both the territory, the rich history of the estate and the traditional architectural characteristics of gray sand stone, thick wood beams and terracotta tiles.

A Review of La Rocca di Cispiano

We loved: the onsite tasting room and cantina, this is what Chianti is really about - local producers and great wines

Ideal for: the different types of accommodations invite families & couples of all ages to make this their base on holidays

Travel back in Time

The estate, presumably named after a Roman soldier, Cispio, who settled in the area, grew from the Roman to the Medieval times into what is know as an auto-sufficient “borgo”. It boasted its own agricultural base, carpenter, blacksmith and defence program in the heart of Chianti between Florence and Siena. What has remained from this active and intriguing past has now been transformed into comfortable accommodations which bear the imprint of its past life, such as the apartment Torre Bellavista, located in the antique defensive tower.

Lorenzo, and his family have always dabbled in wine, but it was something they did for the family - the personal satisfaction of imbibing in the fruit of their land. However as of the year 2000, they created their own label, which is now sold all over the world. As a guest at the agriturismo, you will be invited to appreciate the vineyards up close, visit the wine cellar, or what the Tuscan call their “cantina” and then sit down in their brand new tasting room and savour the results.

La Rocca di Cispiano: Accommodations & Vineyards in Chianti

Creating Paradise

La Rocca di Cispiano in a Glance:

Type: self catering holiday apartments & vacation villa
Location: Castellina in Chianti
Distance: Florence (30 min) or Greve in Chianti (50 minutes)
Transport: a car is necessary
Apartments: 6 apartments & 1 villa
Sleeps: 30
Type of board: self catering

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Obviously, the vineyards and wine play an important role in the life at the farm, but this by no means overshadows the little paradise that Lorenzo and his team have carved out of the Chianti countryside; just minutes from Castellina, shops, supermarkets and restaurants. How would he describe the changes that have taken place since his position of at general manager?

”More than anything, we tried to make La Rocca di Cispiano more personal. We added small touches, changed color schemes, special accents in the rooms and on the walls, and we cultivated the garden to be an oasis of peace and relaxation.”

The fields that extend before you will entice you to abandon your pre-programmed itinerary to find mroe ways to enjoy the gardens, pool, and common areas.  And, if you did decide that you just need to go visit a museum, Siena or even San Gimignano, you will soon find that the adventure has only just begun. The proximity to many classical stops in Tuscany and the scenic back roads that will take you to nearby small towns, places La Rocca Cispiano in the heart of everything to see.

In First Place: Your Comfort

The accommodations at La Rocca di Cispiano are flexible, depending on your requirements, with a selection of one and two bedroom lodgings; you can choose an independent villa rental or a self catreing holiday apartment. The gardens, the pool, the cantina and the vineyards are open to all of the guests, however the Villino, a freestanding cottage, has its own private and fenced garden, wooden patio and gazebo. Set on two floors, it promises panoramic views of the property.  This two bedroom, one bathroom Tuscan villa rental features an eat-in kitchen with dishwasher as well as an oven and microwave.

La Rocca di Cispiano: Accommodations & Vineyards in Chianti

The mix of apartment sizes and open spaces, creates an atmosphere that is suitable for families with children, couples traveling on holiday or even groups looking for a venue for a celebration bringing together people of varied interests, needs and ages. There are 3 apartments with one bedroom and three options comprised of two bedrooms and one bathroom.  The apartments boast unique floorplans, incorporating the walls of the antique borgo and a decor that places modern lines and colors next to antique and vintage furnishings.

La Rocca di Cispiano: Accommodations & Vineyards in Chianti

La Rocca di Cispiano: Accommodations & Vineyards in Chianti

The three two bedroom apartments average approximately 95 square meters, assuring you of plenty of room to accommodate from 4 to 6 persons, with the use of the comfortable sofa bed.  Some of the apartments include a fireplace, which makes excellent company in the cooler months — cosy up with a glass of SOLUTUS, their Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. or maybe their Riserva.  In the warm weather, it is much more preferable to be outside at one of the many garden tables, or poolside, soaking up the sun and tranquility which abound in this corner of Chianti.

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La Rocca di Cispiano: Accommodations & Vineyards in Chianti

Take Advantage of the Beauty

The team at La Rocca di Cispiano is young and enthusiastic, not just about their fine wines and their obivously very scenic panorama, but also about what makes the perfect vacation.  Their special attention to the details in the interiors and their green thumb - not just in the vineyards but also in the gardens surrounding the vacation rentals, is proof that they want to this to be your most memorable holiday ever in Tuscany.

La Rocca di Cispiano: Accommodations & Vineyards in Chianti

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Author: Donna Scharnagl

It has been more than 25 years since I took my first steps in Italy and I still haven’t found a good reason to leave.  Between the food, the culture, the history, the art, the landscapes … did I mention the food? I have become a lifelong student. It didn't take long to learn that Italians all have stories that long to be told; stories that paint a picture of how hard work produces character, how life is made of ups and downs and how good it feels to laugh.


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