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Florence, the perfect day trip from Chianti

The hills and valleys of Chianti surround the monumental landmark city of Florence and it is only natural that a stay in Chianti includes a trip to discover the beauty of Florence, which is also the capital of Tuscany.  Positioned to the north of the vineyards and olive groves of Chianti, nestled between the Arno River and the Apennine mountains, Florence is an easy day trip from Chianti. To explore Florence means to adventure into the Renaissance City to visit its many museums, churches, markets and squares.

Florence is an intriguing combination of historical monuments, amazing architecture, artistic masterpieces and the birthplace of political and creative visionaries who have changed the world., our website dedicated to helping you navigate this exciting city, will guide you along as you follow the Chiantigiana road through the “colli fiorentini” or hills of Florence past the prestigious villas and Tuscan farms to reach the cobblestone streets of this incredible historical city.

Our comprehensive guide to Florence

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Plan Your Visit

Follow the tips our VisitFlorence team offers with practical information on  where to park and how to get around the city. We live in Florence and have collected knowledge about travelling to the city by plane or train and moving around by bus or taxi (we don’t recommend driving if possible). The website offers everyday information concerning the weather, insight into skipping lines at the main museums, which restaurants to eat at and where to find the best shopping.  Along with dynamic and interesting itineraries for a stay of two or three days, you will also find details about making reservations at museums and about what there is to see.  VisitFlorence has even visited and reviewed accommodations, both in and near Florence, giving you details of where to find romantic or budget wise solutions.

Design Your Own Itinerary

What to see in Florence? We suggest itineraries in Florence that follow the Arno River as it winds itself through the heart of the city, passing by the Uffizi Museum, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens. VisitFlorence offers tried and true recommendations: get the best panoramic views from Piazza Michelangelo (and from Forte Belvedere), follow the sounds of the San Lorenzo leather market and the aroma of a cooking class to learn to make handmade pasta or where to find the best gelato. You will even find a monthly calendar where you can seek out folkloristic and traditional events to follow the constantly changing colors of Florence.

Plan a visit which includes a 360° picture of Italian history, from the Etruscan walls in Fiesole and the Roman remains in the Florentine city streets. Include the dizzying heights of Brunelleschi's Dome, one of the world’s largest cathedrals and the Renaissance palaces which once housed the competing Medici, Strozzi and Pitti families. Gaze upon the breathtaking works of art hidden in churches like Santa Croce, San Miniato, Santa Maria Novella and San Lorenzo.

Organized in an easy-to-use grid, you will find also find useful maps for exploring the city and where to buy tickets so you can skip the long lines for the ever popular museums in Florence.

A trip to Florence is the perfect start if you truly want to appreciate the origins of Chianti and the heartbeat of Tuscany.

Check out the articles below for more detailed information.

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Planning a visit to Florence? Or a longer vacation? Don't panic, even if you really will be challenged to decide what to see and what to put off to your next visit among the uncountable things to do and to see, we've selected a few itineraries that will guide you to the discovery of of this amazing city and help organizing your holiday.

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Monuments, Piazzas & Squares in Florence

Strolling along its enchanting lanes is maybe the best way to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Florence. Added to the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites, Florence historical center is a magnificent treasure to visit, with its old and Renaissance-style palaces, squares and monuments, sculptures and churches that leave everyone - Florentines and tourists alike - open-mouthed.

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Florence Tours

Personalized and guided tours of Florence will help you organizing your visit of the city and enjoy all its marvellous attractions. Book in advance the tour that interests you, choose among the many options of walking tours offered and explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the historical center.

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Photos of Florence

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Florence Museums

If you're planning to visit Florence, a museum visit is definitely in your itinerary! Which ones to include? It depends on your interestes... paintings, statues, frescoes or intarsias? The most popular are the Uffizi and Accademia Gallerys, but there are many more so give yourself more time in Florence to truly explore the richness in the collections of its museums.

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Events in Florence

All the main events taking place in Florence throughout the year: from food festivals to Christmas and Easter celebrations, from art exhibits to music concerts and live street performances, you'll find a long list of things to do and to see whenever you decide to come to visit Florence. Ready to start your virtual - at least for the moment - tour of the Cradle of Renaissance's most eagerly awaited events?

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Where in Florence should you stay?

If you're considering to stay in Florence a few days, maybe before or after your time in Chianti, then consider where to stay in the city: central to be near all of the sights or in the outskirts if you have a car? Some considerations to make as you make your plans.

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Book Ahead

There are many things you should book ahead before coming to Florence, from accommodation to museum tickets to tours to your car rental. Take a look!

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Florence Tourist Info

Tips and suggestions to help you plan your trip to Florence! From where to park to whether you should even have a car, to weather forecasts and maps.

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Florence Forum

Questions about where to stay, what to see or how many days to stay in Florence? Whether to rent a car or not? Post your proposed itinerary and questions on our Forum and we will give you our ideas and suggestions!

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