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So you want to go wine tasting in Chianti?

Wine is undoubtedly one of the most typical of products "made in Tuscany" and of such high quality and excellence as to be known, appreciated and exported all over the world.

When it comes to Tuscan wine, thoughts generally immediately fly to the area of Chianti, one of the production areas most renowned for its tradition and quality of its wines.

If you love wine, Tuscany offers the opportunity to taste prestigious labels and great vintages, often combined with other local specialities that will also delight your palate (as well as help avoid any dizziness associated to your first sips :) ).

So if you have wine tastings in mind during your time in Tuscany, we're here to offer some suggestions as to where to go. You can do wine tastings at all wine bars (called "enoteca" in Italian) as well as enjoy tastings organized at restaurants which, combined with a full-course meal, will give you the chance to appreciate each at their very best. But most of all, go directly to the wineries that produce the wine. Going to the producer, tasting their wines on the spot and maybe also visit the winery and vineyards is an awesome experience to enjoy while in Tuscany that I recommend to everyone (unless you don't drink, of course, but the visit to the estate might still be fun)!

Where to go in Chianti for wine tastings?

First of all, let me offer some general information on the area of ​​Chianti, to clarify where it is and what exactly is meant by the term "Chianti".

Historically, the Chianti wine region was a small area, which included only the towns of Radda in Chianti, Castellina in Chianti and Gaiole in Chianti.

Today, the wine region also includes the areas of the towns of Castelnuovo Berardenga and Poggibonsi (which are in the province of Siena), San Casciano Val di Pesa, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Greve in Chianti, and part of the town of Barberino Val d'Elsa (which are all in the province of Florence). These towns all represent the area of wine production called "Chianti Classico" (which is recognizable by the Gallo Nero, or Black Rooster logo).

But the Chianti wine area extends much further beyond the area of ​​Chianti Classico. From a geographical point of view, Chianti lies between the provinces of Florence, Arezzo and Siena, so you hear also of Chianti Colli Fiorentini, Chianti Colli Senesi and Chianti Colli Aretini, just to name a few of the additional areas (the names mean Chianti of the hills of Florence, of the hills of Siena, and the hills of Arezzo, as a literal translation).

So you can do wine tastings in a very broad area! Aside from Chianti Classico, I would recommend trying out the wineries closest to you, wherever you are staying in Chianti.

Logistics: some farms or wineries require advance reservations for tastings or winery tours, while others are prepared for drop-in visitors (I would still advise to at least make a phone call first in the case of small wineries).

A car (and a designated driver that won't be tasting or drinking) will certainly be useful for moving around in most cases, but below I'll also suggest a few places you can reach with public transport. Let's get started!

Within the "Chianti" Classico area

Those staying in Siena or Florence (or in the provinces of Siena and Florence) can easily reach the farms and wineries in the Chianti Classico area. Below is a list of well-known wineries/wine shops you can visit directly with your own (or rental) car:

FATTORIA VITICCIO (Greve in Chianti)

At the Fattoria VIticcio you can do wine tastings every day of the week, these are set up by appointment. Just call and you'll be able to arrange a visit at the time that best meets your schedule.

This is a family-run winery, so most likely you'll find a family member guiding you on the journey into the world of wine, starting from their vineyards to the winery before moving on to the tasting of their wines, which you can choose to buy afterward as well. Read more details about their wine tastings and tours on their official website.


If you're feeling adventurorus and want to visit Chianti, Montalcino and Montepulciano all in a day, we don't recommend to drive it bu to take a guided tour such as this small group one (max 8 people). You'll enjoy the drive to Greve, Castellina and then on past Monteriggioni, and Montalcino and Montepulciano, the wines and a delicious lunch without having to worry about the driving.

CASTELLO DI BROLIO (Gaiole in Chianti)

The Enoteca del Barone Ricasoli is open for tastings, both for  individuals or for groups, both upon booking. Here, in addition to being able to taste and purchase the Ricasoli wines, under the guidance of the staff enoteca, you can also buy quality products of the territory, such as honey and olive oil.

In some periods of the year, the winery is closed on the weekends. Check more details on the official website.

If you DON'T have a car or don't want to drive and enjoy your wine tastings, you can still visit Castello di Brolio from Siena through this guided tour, which also takes you to Castello di Merleto.

THE HOUSE OF CHIANTI (Radda in Chianti)

Just opened in June 2014 within the former Convent of Santa Maria al Prato in Radda in Chianti, "The House of Chianti Classico" is the first "house of the wine" for the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium. "The House of Chianti Classico" is a wine shop with the largest collection in the world of Chianti Classico labels, a place for food and wine events, courses and exhibitions dedicated to wine. For more information, visit the official website.

Around and closer to Florence

If you're in Florence, you'll find you don't need to go far for wine tastings! In the surrounding areas, we recommend the following wineries (these are still best reached with your own means of transport, as public tranportation is very limited or not available).

TORRE A CONA (Rignano sull’Arno)

Torre a Cona is a beautiful wine resort in Rignano sull'Arno. It offers tastings of wine and their Tuscan products in the old barn on the farm, which today houses the wine shop. The tastings and tours of the farm (the cellars and gardens of the Villa) are done by appointment. Find all contact info on the official website.


Set on the hills of Vinci, known as the city of Leonardo, Fattoria Dianella has over 25 hectares of vineyards. Here, Francesco and Veronica Passerin d' Entrèves follow all the entire wine-making process, from growing and harvesting their vineyards to the vinification process in the winery and aging in the cellars. In the cellars, they have also created a museum dedicated to showcasing all steps of wine production.

Fattoria Dianella opens its doors to visitors, welcoming them in the cellar where one can see the different areas of the winery until you get to the wine shop for a tasting of their labels. On request, it is also possible to visit the vineyards.

For more information, visit the official website.


Located in Mugello, about 30 miles north of Florence, Fattoria il Lago organizes guided tours to their winery and tasting of their wines, including their Chianti Rufina DOCG wine and extra virgin olive oil.

For information and bookings, visit the official website.

IL TREBBIO (S. Brigida)

Built by the infamous Florentine family de 'Pazzi, Trebbio Castle is located on the hills of Florence just outside the town of Santa Brigida. They offer organized tours of the cellars, wine tastings and a light lunch for both individuals and groups. Visit the official website for more details.

Wine tasting in Chianti Without a Car

For those who do not have a car available, where can you go? Reaching the wineries without your own transport is a little less straightforward, but not impossible! Although it does reduce your choices quite a bit.

First, we recommend joining one of the interesting, quality organized tours that drive you around Chianti and Tuscany offering wine tastings and a lunch or dinner, or also including visits to some of the most popular cities and sights.


Our partner Viator organizes guided tours for wine tastings to the Chianti region as well as to Montepulciano and Montalcino (with departure from either Florence and Siena). Some will also include lunch, a visit to San Gimignano or Siena.

You can find the full list of tours here (includes small groups as well): Wine Tasting Tours in Chianti & Tuscany.

Among the most popular guided tours, we recommend these:


If you want to organize wine tastings on your own, without a car, here are two wineries that are really popular since they can both be reached by taking the bus from Florence to Greve in Chianti and a short walk.


Located in Greve in Chianti, about 20 km from Florence, Castello Vicchiomaggio is an elegant historic castle where almost daily guided tours and tastings are organized. For more information and reservations, visit the official website.


At the Castello di Verrazzano, you can visit the historical cellars, discover the rooms of the villa and taste wines, extra virgin olive oil and Vin Santo, in addition to purchasing their wines. Visit the official website for more info.

Tastings in Chianti near Arezzo

The Days of Wine in the province of Arezzo: every Wednesday and every Sunday from April to October wine producers in the province of Arezzo organize an event dedicated to their local Chianti wines, open to all, which include tastings of wine and local specialities. You can read more details anda dates in our article here.

Last but not least - enjoy your Chianti wine tastings - and remember to not drink and drive! ;-)

About Cristina Romeo

Born in Florence at the end of the fabulous '70s, Cristina has always lived in the famous "cradle of the Renaissance". She's in love with her homeland, but also enjoys traveling and discovering new places. Cristina is married and mum to a lovely little girl, to whom she hopes to pass on all the passion and love of our precious, wonderful Tuscany.

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